About Sampson Consulting

Sampson Consulting is a boutique freelance consulting firm focused on helping business to innovate using modern software technologies. Chris Sampson is the principal of the business and has worked with medium and large enterprises within the Business Analysis and Software Development space for his entire career.

Recent years has seen an influx of capabilities via cloud computing and service-based software solutions. This is levelling the playing field between enterprises large and small no matter if city or regionally based. As the technology is falling into place, it is evident that the knowledge and know how in small/medium enterprises is still well behind that of big business. Our goal is to bring practices and methods to businesses of all scales that help them realise the benefits of business process automation using modern software technologies.

To keep a competitive edge, all enterprises must continually innovate and evolve to not only supply great service to their customers but to also look for more efficient ways to carry on business. Being accepting of ideas and concepts, no matter if they come from outside your business or industry sector, is the key driver for innovation.

Core Focus

We believe our core skillset and competencies allow us to be highly effective within these activities:

As A Matter of Course

Many businesses will also get benefit in these areas which are often a precursor to or a result of our core focus.

Outside Our Realm

Sampson Consulting focuses on solving business problems using software automation but often people ask about area’s outside of this. We take a pragmatic approach and will always help where we can with general advice and or by conducting further research. In saying this we believe that some areas need specialized skills, in these cases, we can help identify the right resources when needed. Some areas that typically fall into this category would be:

  • Infrastructure (hardware installation, hardware maintenance, Network configurations, desktop support, etc.)
  • Ongoing operating system software and configuration and/or maintenance and support.
  • Security Software/Firewall configuration and/or maintenance and support.
  • Specialised advice around specific products and/or vendors.

About Sampson Consulting Summary