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Many small/medium sized Business to Business (B2B) Services firms (e.g. Accountants, Advisers, Lawyers etc) wish to evolve a broader offering for their customers. This is more so the case in area’s outside of the big cities.

One area that is a natural extension to most B2B businesses is Information Technology services. Evolving a capability to provide these services requires a passion for technology and an ability to dedicate time and resource to developing the technical aspects required. For many organisations it is not possible to fully evolve a technology business beyond selling other company’s products or services.

I am looking to evolve relationships with firms that have a want and opportunity to expand into the information technology area. I believe my background and skills place me well to working with these types of firms to become an extension to their business.

My input to the equation is to provide the skills and knowhow to apply modern day technologies and practices to a multitude of business situations. I do this by:

  • Understanding the business need in detail
  • Working directly with the people involved and who have the answers
  • Collaboratively developing ideas to solve problems or generate improvement
  • Creating and implementing customised technology solutions where needed
  • Configuring and implementing off-the-shelf software and services where needed