Digital Transformation of your Business

The following is an extract from the Azure Digital Transformation Whitepaper and is worth a read for all business trying to understand what the cloud is all about and how they may exploit the opportunities for their own business. Contact us if you would like to know more.

Executive Summary

Technology has been transforming business ever since the invention of the wheel. But in recent years, the business landscape has changed fundamentally due to the unique convergence of three things:

  1. Increasing volumes of data, particularly driven by the digitization of “things” and advances in data analytics used to draw actionable insight from that data
  2. The rise of cloud computing, which places limitless computing and storage power into the hands of organizations of all sizes, increasing the pace of innovation and competition
  3. The explosion and ubiquity of mobile computing

The convergence of these factors has shifted both what customers expect, because of access to unprecedented amounts of information, and what companies must deliver to meet those expectations.

In this new competitive landscape, every company becomes an information company—meaning, they need to infuse their products and services with intelligence and a Digital Feedback Loop that connects them to their customers in a continuous and virtuous cycle of improvement. Whether your business is construction, real estate, finance, or agriculture, your success will hinge on how well you use information to:

  • Become more engaged with your customers
  • Empower your employees
  • Optimize your operations
  • Transform your products and services using digital content

The dimensions aren’t new, but what has changed is the role that intelligent software systems now play, providing better insight from data and enabling people to convert that insight into intelligent action.

With its global network of cloud datacenters, rapidly expanding portfolio of cloud services, and an established presence in both consumer and business spheres, Microsoft is uniquely qualified to help you transform your business for the digital age.

Download the ‘Azure Digital Transformation Whitepaper’ here